• $150 for the medical examination with a panel physician

    • Discounted to $100 for children age 0-14

  • $200 for medical examinations for New Zealand

  • $40 for chest x-ray (required for ages 11+)

  • $23 for blood tests (required for ages 15+)

  • Additional costs:

    • $10-$100 if extra blood tests are required due to specific health conditions.

      • For example, the government requires additional tests for all immigrants and refugees with diabetes. These typically cost an extra $10-25.

    • $75+ if your file is ‘furthered’ by IRCC after submission, requiring further tests and assessments. (Price dependent on scope of issue)

    • $50 for registration and administration of your file if you only need a chest x-ray

    • $75 if you re-book after cancelling without 24 hours notice

  • Payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Debit or Cash